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South Island Sewer Local Improvement District Geotechnical Support

bainbridge lid

City of Bainbridge Island Department of Public Works

Bainbridge Island, WA

Contact for geotechnical projects: John Peterson

Project Background & Challenges

The South Island Sewer Local Improvement District consists of five separate regions where new service and conveyance systems will be installed. Before the City could begin construction on the system, they needed to assess the groundwater and geotechnical conditions of areas impacted by development.


Aspect performed geotechnical explorations to assess groundwater and slope stability issues in the development areas and analyzed liquefaction zones along the proposed routes. Aspect also provided on-call geotechnical support to lift station design, construction trenching, and foundation problems. When finished, the proposed system will include about five miles of collector system and one new pump station across the south end of Bainbridge Island.