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June 1, 2008

National Bike Month: Aspect Consulting Pedals 1872 Miles in May.

Nearly half the company – 18 riders! – participated in the 2008 Group Health Commute Challenge. Sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club and Group Health Cooperative, the Comute Challenge is a chance to test your bike-commuting mettle by riding to work as often as you can during the month – and an opportunity to challenge other cycling colleagues, clients, and competitors!

Two Aspect teams engaged in a friendly competition for total miles and number of trips rode, which grew increasingly competitive in its final days as the two teams rode neck and neck. The Aspect Sprockets rallied all team members to ride the final day of the month for a come-from-behind victory, edging out L’Aspect d’Huez in total miles ridden (968 to 904) and handily beating them in # of trips (84 to 70) and days biked (87 to 71).

This was the first year Aspect participated; but it’s likely the competition will continue for years to come!

Aspect Statistics:

  • Total participants: Two teams / 18 riders
  • Number of New Bike Commuters: 9 – half the participants!
  • Total Miles Ridden: 1872
  • Total Days Biked: 158
  • Top Rider: Tyson Carlson (Sprockets), 323 miles
  • Most Trips/Days Biked (tie): Parker Wittman (L’Aspect d’Huez) and Peter Bannister (Sprockets) – 18

Special Mention:

  • Instrumental in the Sprockets win, Dave Heffner pulled out his bike for an impressive 37-mile commute on two occasions.
  • Todd Parkington, swept up in the spirt of the event and the lively competition, signed up to ride even though he didn’t own a bike. (He found one and did ride!)
  • First time bike commuter Parker Wittman (L’Aspect d’Huez) not only came out at the top on most days biked, he’s turned into a regular bike commuter, riding in most days since.

All participating Aspect riders received official Aspect Consulting bike jerseys. Look for them on the road!