What do we do? 

Aspect is hydrogeologists, geologists, and engineers focused on earth + water solutions. From six Northwest offices, our staff of 100 provides consulting services in four key practice areas: Data MappingEnvironmental Services, Geotechnical Engineering, Stormwater, and Water Resources services. Like our clients, we focus on implementation and outcome. Aspect delivers value.

What sets us apart?

We're strategic advisers.

Client care is a top priority. We understand what defines our client's success and provide the technical and regulatory guidance to get there.

We're clear communicators.

We make science understandable. We provide clear information for informed decision makers.

We've got high-caliber talent.

Our team is built for focused, technical insight. We combine our staff's individual expertise to create a unified firm with focused practice areas.

Who do we work for? 

We work for public and private sector clients within the regulated community. Aspect joins the stakeholder team that frequently includes legal counsel, engineering design firms, contractors, and regulators. 


What do we do when we're not consulting? 

Aspect's culture of teamwork extends beyond our projects.  In our off hours, we come together to engage in community service, participate in team sports and recreational activities, attend arts and athletic events, and share a drink or a meal.

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