Who we work for


What they say

"If you are asking if we encountered any problems with Aspect's performance, the answer is no. Aspect has proved to be a solid organization, with high integrity, top-of-the-line technical skill, and smart, responsible project management."

-Paul Agid, Port of Seattle STIA


"The more I learn about Aspect, the more I like you guys."


-Ian Rodihan, Rodihan Law Firm, PLLC


"Awesome Job! Thanks so much for all you have done on this project and for the work for Avista. The professional services provided by Aspect Consulting has proven to be the quality of excellence that I'd hoped for."

-Linda Kiefer, Environmental Resource Specialist, AVISTA Utilities/Environmental Affair's Department


"You're a whole week ahead of schedule. You guys rock!"

-Bill Joyce, JZP


"I've never had a job of this size go so smoothly."


-Mike Erdahl, Freidman & Bruya


"I must commend Aspect for the great work they have completed to date. Their breadth of knowledge on the site and the solid technical skills continue to impress."

-Brian Gouran, Port of Bellingham


"We picked your firm because of your innovative approach to the project and we were not disappointed."

-David A. Tucker, PE, Assistant Director, Kitsap County Public Works Department