Data Management and Mapping for Port of Bellingham GP West Site RI/FS

Aspect is conducting a RI/FS and planning for interim actions to support probable mixed-use redevelopment of the key property (GP West site) in the Port of Bellingham’s revitalized Waterfront District.  As a critical part of the work at this complex site, Aspect has developed and is currently maintaining custom environmental chemistry and GIS databases for the ongoing soil and groundwater data collection effort. Aside from storing, QA/QC-ing, analyzing and reporting data as part of the study, Aspect compiled and loaded vast amounts of historic data into the database from previous environmental work at the site. Aspect has developed these database tools and innovative, dynamic GIS figures to leverage complex query outputs into easy-to-use and readily-updatable map products. This project involves interfacing with labs, data validators, surveyors, field staff, regulators, and project managers to ensure that the demanding project data needs and reporting requirements are managed smoothly and efficiently.

WRIA 16/14b Rivers & Streams Impairment Analysis, Mason & Jefferson Counties

Aspect completed an analysis of river and stream impairment, identifying and prioritizing areas of concern for potential impacts of future groundwater withdrawals on streamflows within WRIA 16/14b (along the west and south shores of Hood Canal).

As a key part of this analysis, Aspect developed sophisticated database and GIS analysis toolsets to perform population-based (census data) and source-based (wells, water rights, and public water systems) water use assessments – for both current and buildout conditions in the basin. Beyond helping the WRIA 16 Planning Unit understand and plan for projected water use in the WRIA 16 subbasins, Aspect’s analysis helped identify 13 public waters systems with probable water right shortfalls at full buildout. Additionally, Aspect implemented a GIS-based predictive model to identify sites with a high likelihood for stream sediment aggradation (a critical issue in the WRIA) – evaluating these sites based on stream transport capacity, upstream, in-channel and local sediment supply, and barriers to sediment transport. The software solutions developed as a part of this project allow WRIA stakeholders to execute updated analyses as data inputs (or model assumptions) change or are improved over time. Further, Aspect was responsible for a large cartographic effort on the project, designing over 50 maps and figures for the final report.