Groundwater & IDDE Data Management, City of Bainbridge Island

To support long term growth planning and development of the island, the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) needed to collect physical and groundwater data for a groundwater model that would set the stage for urban planning efforts. COBI also required improved tracking of Illicit Discharge and Detection (IDDE) to meet a tight grant-funding deadline and be in compliance with its Phase II National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) permit.
To meet data collection and management goals for the groundwater model, Aspect developed a custom database to collect field and electronic data in a single repository that allows holistic review, analysis, and reporting. COBI completed the hand off of all the required data to US Geological Survey for their modeling pursuits, as well as setting a new bar in reporting to citizens. To meet COBI’s NPDES requirements and the grant funding deadline, Aspect developed a custom database to track all of their cases digitally, allowing the city to quickly and accurately calculate the annual statistics required for government reporting.  COBI met the funding deadline now has the tools necessary to report on the cost, effort, quantity, and types of Illicit Discharges that occur on the island at any time.