Washington Harbor Utility Bridge and Estuary Restoration

Aspect provided geotechnical design for a pile system for a new utility bridge to help restore hydraulic continuity and the marine estuary. Key project challenges included pile design within the site's soft marine sediments and re-routing utilities beneath the estuary using directional drilling technology. The project involved collaboration with several stakeholders including the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, project engineer, contractor, and private land owner. Aspect also provided written specifications for the foundation components of the project and construction support.

Bucklin Hill Bridge Replacement

Aspect is providing geotechnical and environmental services for estuary rehabilitation and traffic congestion relief where existing twin 72-inch culverts will be replaced by a new bridge. The project includes rehabilitating the Clear Creek estuary and widening the existing two-lane road. The culverts will be replaced by a four-lane bridge along NW Bucklin Hill Road at the Clear Creek crossing to relieve traffic congestion and restore pre-existing estuary conditions. Aspect is providing design recommendations in accordance with WSDOT Local Agency Guidelines and LRFD methodology.

Curley Creek Restoration and Bridge Replacement

This project incorporated the restoration of the mouth of Curley Creek along with replacement of the existing bridge. Aspect conducted geotechnical explorations, completed bridge foundation design including drilled shaft recommendations, developed liquefaction mitigation alternatives, and reviewed off-site groundwater and soil contamination concerns. We also assisted in writing project specifications and provided field observation during construction. This was the first bridge in Kitsap County to use drilled shaft foundations.