Madison Valley Stormwater Project

Shaped by a glacier and eroded by floods, Madison Valley has steep hillsides and a history of stormwater flooding and sewer backups in the neighborhood. We helped address the perpetual urban flooding problem, contributing geotechnical and environmental recommendations in the design and construction of a 1.3M-gallon, underground stormwater storage tank. Our input to the alternatives analysis resulted in a tunneled alignment with several jacking/receiving shafts. Working with soft landfill soils and resolving historical contamination, we designed excavation, shoring, and deep foundations for tank support. As a result of our subsurface studies, change orders were minimized providing a degree of surety in cost and schedule. Our attention during construction further helped keep the project moving forward and on schedule while minimizing impacts to the community.

Fragaria Road Stabilization

The only road in, Fragaria Road was in danger of collapsing and thereby isolating a Kitsap County waterfront community. Responding quickly with geotechnical design to help stabilize the failing roadway, we expedited the project through repair options analysis and design; and into construction planning, bidding, contracting, and oversight. Combining soldier pile wall and driven soil nails, our design solution both met County design standards cost effectively, and was appropriately scaled to the community’s road use.

Rockaway Beach Road Stabilization

For more than a decade, Aspect has provided ongoing geotechnical engineering and construction services for the landslide-damaged Rockaway Beach Road site.  Aspect’s local knowledge of the geology and on-going erosion processes provided the basis for the development of the roadway repair. The repair included a shoreline revetment wall, mechanically reinforced earth slope, and re-built roadway shoulder. Aspect provided expedited support and recommendations for design changes that occurred late in the project and responsive field support during construction.