Port Angeles Landfill Accelerated Geotechnical Investigation and Design

Quick action was required to prevent an imminent release of refuse to the marine environment from a landfill perched atop a rapidly eroding high coastal bluff above the Straits of Juan de Fuca. We met the challenges posed by the site’s complex geometry with design elements including: aggressively steep cut and fill slopes (2.5H:1V) in refuse and a 110-foot-high mechanically reinforced earth buttress to stabilize the seismically unstable slope, a new cover system with a bentonite-amended low-permeability soil layer below a synthetic turf cap, and shoreline stabilization seawalls and revetments. Successfully accelerated, the project was completed in about half the time typical of similar projects.

Rockaway Beach Road Stabilization

For more than a decade, Aspect has provided ongoing geotechnical engineering and construction services for the landslide-damaged Rockaway Beach Road site.  Aspect’s local knowledge of the geology and on-going erosion processes provided the basis for the development of the roadway repair. The repair included a shoreline revetment wall, mechanically reinforced earth slope, and re-built roadway shoulder. Aspect provided expedited support and recommendations for design changes that occurred late in the project and responsive field support during construction.