Port of Seattle Stormwater Services

Aspect has assisted the Port of Seattle in complying with mapping, SWPPP, O&M, best management practices, and records-keeping requirements of their Phase I Municipal NPDES Permit.

Our work has included the following:

  • Developing and maintaining a geodatabase mapping the stormwater conveyance system for all Seaport facilities. Coordinated initial mapping of stormwater system. Updated GIS system as new information is learned or system is modified by construction.
  • Coordinating development of a web mapping application to share stormwater mapping data within the Port.
  • Custom database application development to track Port leases to determine relevance to stormwater management.
  • Planning and design of a temporary stormwater collection and treatment system.
  • Participating in development of Operation and Maintenance Manual for stormwater system. Updated O&M manual to include new City of Seattle requirements in 2010.
  • Developing and maintaining a stormwater records keeping data base.
  • Developing SWPPPs for all Seaport operated facilities. Developed SWPPP template for use by Port tenants. Assisted a few port tenants in completing SWPPP template.
  • Overhauling recreational and commercial vessel BMPs.
  • Managed laboratory and field water quality monitoring data and submitted final data to Ecology’s database EIM.
  • Conducting a planning exercise for Industrial Stormwater General Permit.
  • Assisting with outfall inspections.

Environmental Database/Web Map Integration

Aspect provided technical assistance to the Port of Seattle’s Aviation Environmental Department with the integration of two mission-critical databases into the Port’s GeoCortex web-mapping application. Aspect worked with Port Project Managers and Data Managers to develop automatically-updated, concise snapshots of environmental chemistry data that can be viewed and queried in the web map user interface. Aspect also integrated site-level narrative information to produce beautifully-formatted, easy-to-use PDF site summary reports with clickable, hyperlinked bibliographies that are immediately available to web map users. The map interface provides the Aviation Environmental department with the ability to easily explore huge amounts of current and historic environmental site information, vastly improving the access to these valuable databases.