Parker's GIS Conference Summer Tour 2014

Aspect's GIS and Data Services Manager, Parker Wittman, has spent too long in the GIS studio... and this summer, he's decided to take his act on a world* tour.

Parker will kick off his world* tour in May at the WAURISA 2014 Washington GIS Conference. Given the conference theme of "Communicating Our World," Parker has decided to tap into his communications degree (and background in documentary film making), speaking about the process of interviewing clients, colleagues, and collaborators to better understand project requirements.  Certain that excellent technical work comes directly from excellent understanding, Parker hopes to share some key parts of his collaboration strategies. Further, Parker will be participating as a conference "Thought Leader," responsible for collecting and distilling broad, thematic insights from conference attendees and sharing those insights as part of a panel during the closing plenary session.

In July, Parker's world* tour will take him to sunny San Diego, where he'll be presenting at the Esri User Conference. This time around, Parker's talk will have a technical focus. Tapping into his wealth of experience creating maps from environmental chemistry databases, Parker will be sharing some of his favorite strategies for developing sharp, user-friendly graphics from complex data sets. Touching of everything from ArcGIS templating to Python scripting to thoughtful tabular data preparation, Parker will demonstrate a few novel strategies for creating maps that are both nice to look at and easy to update.

So if you see Parker on his world* tour this summer, say 'hello'.




* and by "world" we mean two stops, one just down the road in Tacoma and the other in California.

...but we hear he's big in Japan.