Meet Andrew Austreng

Aspect welcomes Andrew Austreng, LG to the team! Andrew joins our Seattle office as a Project Hydrogeologist with a wide range of experience in supporting water resources and water rights projects. Here are five questions we asked to get to know him better:

Where are you from? If you’re not from the Pacific Northwest, what brought you here? My wife and I grew up in North Dakota. We came to the PNW because we felt like it has it all – great culture, beautiful landscape, and exciting professional opportunities. Needless to say, we have not been disappointed!

What inspired you to pursue hydrogeology? What made you curious about it? I grew up in a rural area surrounded by agriculture, where most people were served by private groundwater wells. I often found myself considering how the water needs of an entire household or community could be met by simply installing a pipe in the ground (I would later come to find out that it isn’t quite that simple). After my first introduction to geology, I understood the detective-like nature of hydrogeology, and knew that it would be a lifelong interest and satisfying career.

What do you like best about your area of expertise? What excites you and keeps you motivated? Focusing on water resources allows me to be part of something that often effects many people. It gives a unique perspective on preserving a valuable resource, while simultaneously serving the needs of individuals. There’s something very satisfying about getting someone the water they need for their home or business while knowing that you’ve done your best to preserve that same resource for others.

What do you do like to do when you aren’t working? Spending time with family! My wife and I have a newborn at home, and we enjoy spending a lot of time with our new family. That being said, I’ve also been known to squeeze in a few ski trips throughout the winter months, and I really enjoy honing my skills as a novice mechanic.

Where in the world would you like to travel next? Madagascar. I’d love to spend time exploring for plants and animals. There’s an area called the Forest of Knives that made my list – it’s a bizarre scene of limestone peaks filled with all sorts of birds and lemurs. On the other hand, with our newly expanded family we could happily settle for a week on a sandy beach!