How to Deliver More Successful GIS Outreach Campaigns at NW GIS in Bend

Conducting a successful public outreach and/or marketing campaign using GIS is more involved than just publishing a web-map. Marketing, communication, design professionals, and a wide range of other professionals are increasingly seeing the value of map-based infographics to promote marketing and communication campaigns. Aspect’s Blair Deaver recently presented at the Northwest GIS User Group on how to conduct a successful marketing campaign that involves GIS. Blair has developed successful story map campaigns and he brought his experience on those to propose marketing tips outside of simply publishing your web map such as:

  • Messaging and Audience

  • SEO/SEM considerations

  • Engagement with marketing, communication, and management colleagues

  • Increasing Virality

  • Measuring Impact

In addition to Blair’s presentation, Aspect’s GIS crew was thrilled to learn their fish passage poster presentation — visualizing Aspect’s fish passage removal GIS tool — won the award for “Best Analysis.”

From left, Parker Wittman, Robyn Pepin, Emelie Crumbaker, and Blair Deaver

Learn more about the conference here.