Major Milestone at Complex Pasco Landfill Cleanup to Remove 35,000 Drums of Waste

The Pasco Landfill Site reached a recent milestone from the State Department of Ecology. Ecology announced plans to remove over 35,000 drums from an industrial waste cell and haul away the worst contaminants for disposal. While the landfill received municipal solid waste from 1958 to 1993, industrial waste was received only during the early 1970s. Since 1992, over 32 entities have investigated and grappled with how to cleanup the Site. In 2014, cleanup planning for the latent industrial waste took a turn with the development of a subsurface fire and product observed at the water table. Aspect's landfill engineering team has been working on cleanup design engineering and strategies at this Site for over 12 years.

See Ecology's video to learn more about this project as well as the current public comment period, now open through October 3.