Green River - Lower Russell Road Levee Setback Project

To meet current engineering standards and improve riparian and aquatic habitat, Aspect is providing geotechnical services for the replacement of a levee and river revetment for a 1.4 mile length of the Lower Russell Road flood protection system along the east bank of the Green River in the City of Kent. The project will improve flood protection for the residents and businesses of Kent, Tukwila, Renton and the Green River valley.  Aspect Consulting is the lead geotechnical engineer for the project. They completed field investigations to characterize the subsurface conditions in support of the design and construction of the new levees and ecosystem restoration features. Aspect is completing seepage and slope stability analyses for levee design, and providing geotechnical recommendations for levee embankment material, roads, utilities, and habitat features. The project objectives include designing a system that minimizes long-term maintenance needs and associated costs, and balancing policy directives regarding flood protection (e.g. scour protection, stability and vegetation maintenance), habitat restoration, and recreational use.