City of Othello Water Supply Consulting Services

The City of Othello in central Washington relies on groundwater from the Wanapum Basalt aquifer, which is experiencing significant decreases in water levels and well yields. Aspect assisted the City in assessing options to provide reliable, long-term water supply and helped secure Office of Columbia River (OCR) grant funding to complete an Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) feasibility study. The feasibility study included evaluation of the City’s existing wells and the basalt aquifer for storage rates and volumes and an engineering evaluation of source water treatment and cost.

Aspect is currently implementing pilot testing with additional grant funding provided by OCR. Pilot testing will use a new City well, constructed in 2018 and instrumented specifically to allow for ASR pilot testing. Aspect developed well drilling specifications and provided oversight and management for construction of a new, 980-foot deep well. Wellhead construction, pump installation, and aquifer testing are completed and ASR pilot testing is ongoing in 2019.