Aspect on the Radio

Geologic Issues for Developers and Homeowners

Dave McCormack, Aspect’s Senior Associate Engineering Geologist, was a recent guest on Alternative Talk 1150AM KKNW’s Condo & HOA Buzz. Hosts Duncan Kirk and Marshall Johnson quizzed Dave on the role an engineering geologist plays in building construction, development, and assessment to advise design teams on the best method for construction. They explored a number of geologic issues that can cause hassles for condo and Homeowner Association (HOA) dwellers—like eroding slopes, cracked foundations, seeping stormwater, and, of course, earthquakes—and how they can be addressed.

Listen to the full show in the Condo & HOA Buzz archives (select the August 5, 2015 show, the interview starts at the 5 minute 30 seconds mark).