Powering the New South Lake Union Substation

Laying the Groundwork – Enabling Development

Seattle City Light's Denny Substation near South Lake Union is approaching the final phase of design—and oh what a beautiful design it is. The proposed multi-use structure is a sleek, modern building that speaks to the neighborhood’s evolution from its industrial past to its tech-friendly present—with a walking loop, art installations, and interpretive features about the electrical substation housed inside. Rising above it all will be a sculpture that fuses a transmission tower with an old growth tree.

From property acquisition through preliminary design – Aspect has played a part in this exciting transformation of our City’s newest lakefront neighborhood. Our environmental scientists and geotechnical engineers supported the due diligence phase of the project to vet the former Greyhound Bus Maintenance site and successfully acquire the property. We then provided remediation, geotechnical design and dewatering design services to prep the site for construction, and are currently performing remediation and construction oversight and support of the substation design.

Take a tour of the station in Stephen Fesler's article in the "Urbanist," in which he explains, "In a world that's often become too focused on utility over design and context, Seattle City Light shows that things can be done differently."